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Published: October 2, 2020

Silicon Contaminated Furniture Fix – With Pictures

Contaminated furniture can be the worst. The tough part is you can’t really tell that the furniture was contaminated just by looking at it. Also, it can feel self-defeating when you spend all that time stripping, sanding, detailing, and staining only to have finish bubbles up as soon as it is applied. Well help is on the way because I’m sharing my trick about how I tackled my contaminated furniture issue. I’m also sharing some of the common products that tend to have a high amount of silicone that you may not know is contaminating your furniture. Some other pro tips can be found on this page as well.

The Chair

My first experience with contaminated furniture was with a chair. I took all of the old finish off, sanded everything down to 220, and applied the stain. Now was the time for the lacquer and then I could finally deliver the piece to finish the project. I apply the first layer. Instantly, my happiness disappeared. It looked like this…

The chair had bubbles. Raw wood was showing beneath which would NOT be OK for the client to see. My first instinct was to admit defeat, re-sand everything, rub it down generously with naphtha and go from there but I know that I wasn’t the only one to ever encounter a problem like this. I mean the world is old, right? After some research, I learned that someone just put lacquer thinner on it and rubbed it down generously and re-coated. I tried this and it worked. Now, when I am using a lacquer finish I know that if there is contamination I will go ahead and fix it by using that technique.

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